Thursday, July 24, 2003

Recall this, stupid article about conservatism that, fee increase this, gay bishops that, blah blah blah

Alright, no time for sissy talk right now. My comments are still broken, I have too much homework, and my nine-to-five job is both annoying and unfulfilling, so I'm in a general mood of pissed-offedness. Out of my way, all of you!

A. Let's all be sure to wake up nice and early on November 10 so we can kick out Gray Davis and bring in some other schmuck who isn't going to do any better a job, especially with only half a term. In the meantime, let's refuse to raise taxes so we can keep cutting state jobs and conservation projects and raising student fees. Here here, state legislators!

B. Isn't one of the aspects of conservatism of which its members are so proud an adherence to tried and true values and a reluctance to change? (That's why it's called conservatism.) Isn't it also true that a hallmark of modern conservatism is to allow a free market (both economic and social) in which some will prosper and others will fail, which will inherently lead to inequality? It's a dumb article with unfair and misguided comparisons, but that's no reason to disregard everything in it. Or instead of griping, you should make a counter article in which you describe all liberals as communists who want to destroy freedom and harken in the decline of respectable morals as we know them. I'm in the mood for a laugh.

C. I'm 25-30% really ticked off about our fee increases, and I wish the people in charge would prioritize affordable education over keeping sales taxes where they are. But, I'm really not going to begrudge a fellow student receiveing that much more financial aid if his or her parents honestly can't afford the fee increase. It would be nice if I also qualified for any financial help at all, but I do recognize that my parents make almost $90,000 a year, and, while my parents couldn't begin to ever even try to think about considering helping me out (what with the credit card debt, not owning a home, my mom paying for grad school, etc.), I certainly have it a lot better than most kids in California. I'm especially lucky enough to have parents who somehow made me excited about learning and who raised me to have really awesome grammar. Even when we were quite poor, I always had access to knowledge and academic support, which is much more than most poor students can say.

D. Religious folks, or at least the ones who use their faith as leverage to discriminate, kinda freak me out.

I think the most important lesson that can be learned in all this mess is that you should visit It's good fun for the whole family.


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