Thursday, June 19, 2003

Canada on its way to legalize homosexual unions.

Within the next few months, the Canadian Parliament is expected to vote favorably on legislation regognizing marraiges between two men or two women. This has a big impact on the US, too, because American states accept Canadian marraige licenses and Canada doesn't have any residency requirements for marraiges. In other words, a gay couple from Berkeley could drive up to Canada, get married the next day, drive back to the Bay the day after that, and in theory suddenly qualify for all the benefits of legal marraige. In light of this new Canadian legislation, however, some states may consider no longer recognizing Canada's marraige licenses as legal in America.

What a shame that some Americans feel so threatened by the imaginary "Gay Agenda" that they feel obligated to change existing laws just to keep their existence "morally straight." America claims to be the home of the free, and consequently we should have been the first country in the world to legalize gay marraige. Instead, I doubt if we'll progress that far in our civil rights laws before the middle of this century, if not the end of this century, if not ever.

Read this article from the SFC.


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