Monday, June 02, 2003

Muggy Southern California
I’m flying back to Berkeley tomorrow morning, and in all I had a great weekend in Long Beach. I had a blast seeing my mom graduate, it was really fun spending time with my extended family, and I got a chance to go to LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) yesterday with my sister (lots of neat modern art, classic art, and a section on Japanese art).

But other than my family living here, I have no compelling reason to move back to Southern California after I graduate from college. In the last two years I’ve fallen in love with the Bay Area, and Berkeley in particular. I adore the clean(ish) air, the prevalent vegetation, all the great restaurants, the ability to blend in no matter how you dress or act, and the general “liberal” atmosphere (however that may manifest itself). I simply feel more comfortable up there, even if my family lives down here.

Eight days until Radiohead’s new album Hail to the Thief comes out(!!).

Music of the Week
Oranges and Lemons by the oft-overlooked British group XTC. Easily one of my three favorite albums of the 1980s. XTC sounds like no one else (except the Beatles, the Kinks, and all the other bands of whom they shamelessly derivative).


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