Friday, June 06, 2003

Oakland International: Home of Efficient Service and Free Tampons
I guess I should feel obligated to tackle hard-hitting topics like constitutionality and Mallory Moser, but I find it much more exciting that feminine hygiene products are available for free at a commerical establishment. (I preventatively apologize to my more sensitive readers for including the word "tampon" in today's posting. I in no way feel that I as one of the few female Cal bloggers have a duty to address these topics. It just so happens that due to my gender I am privy to certain information that is not available to my male counterparts.) On my flight back from Long Beach on JetBlue, I had the luxury of enjoying a complimentary FULL CAN of Diet Coke, free potato chips, and of course free DirecTV. (I watched an episode and a half of "Animal Rescues" on Animal Planet and a few good videos, including "Accidents Will Happen" by Elvis Costello, on VH1 Classics.) Anyhow, thanks to that full 12 ounces of sacchriney goodness, I needed to use the restroom in Oakland International when I got off the plane. I was very pleased to find the facilities were quite clean and well-stocked with the necessary paper goods. I was also very surprised to find that tampons and panty liners were available for free free FREE in the restroom machine. I didn't partake of the complimentary products, so I couldn't inform you of the quality, but I think it's just really swell that they give 'em out for free. Mind you, you have to have a boarding pass and get through security before you have access to these gratuitous cotton wares. But I was still excited.


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