Monday, June 09, 2003

Wacky Link
I like to use my Bravenet counter to tell how people have found my site over these past exciting few months. A good 60% are linked from other sites, 39% are direct hits, and the remaining visits are from search engine results. The one that most intrigued me today was a user who to linked to CalJunket from a Google search for, and I quote, "how many fetus are getting harmed per day." Have I ever discussed fetuses on my site? I don't think I have. Chances are, the other key words in the search led my visitor to find this site through Google. BUT, this does bring up a good question. Namely, how many fetus are getting harmed per day? Sadly, probably the same number of people who mispluralize "fetus" per day. My guess is about 12. Twelve fetus are harmed per day.


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