Saturday, July 19, 2003

1) Pledge results
2) Where you should be tonight
3) Further proof that I'd make a swell politician

1) My faithful readers tacked 376 hits onto my site between Sunday at 8:35pm and Friday at midnight. (At around noon on Monday when I was still promising de-robing, I was on track to get about 570...I know who my real fans are.) That means I owe the California Patriot $5.64, with which I'm hoping they can purchase a sense of decency.

In the meantime, I hope I didn't accidentily imply to my readers that the Heuristic Squelch is in any way affiliated with this site or my own obnoxious political beliefs. In fact, I'd venture to guess that I am the most, well, vehemently political staff member. There's an informal and unspoken guideline at the magazine to stay semi-apolitical. However, we do our best to mock stupidity, no matter what its source.

2) At the Elvis Costello concert at the Greek Theatre, of course. Be there or be square.

3) Though name-calling isn't my argument artillery of choice, I have a forbidable arsenal of other immature ways in which to make my point and make my party members look like total dopes. (Read here.)


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