Friday, July 11, 2003

Be careful what you wish for

I was very sincerely hoping that various members of my extended family would become regular readers of CalJunket. It seems, however, that my only familial fans are my grandparents Stan and Ruth Brown. They sent me an email today informing me that I would be far more qualified to sit as California governor than Gray Davis. They are quite a hoot, are very quick and sharp for anyone, let alone senior citizens, are in good health and active, and have been married for upwards of 55 years (wow!). I'm very pleased that they take the time to read my little musings.

My only concern is, now that my grandparents are reading, I may need to censor myself. Not to say that they aren't a pair of modern, open-minded Americans. It's just that I feel a little silly using naughty words if Grandma and Grandpa are tuning in. But I'm keeping the nudity.

I don't have access to any photos of my grandfolks here in Berkeley, but I did find these on Google Image Search:

This is a picture of chef Stanley Brown.

And this here is singer Ruth Brown.

You can tell where I get my good looks.


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