Wednesday, July 23, 2003

In the land of the blind, the man with comments is king

If I could somehow, with the help of God or a Dreamworks movie producer, go back in my life and make one decision differently, I would have chosen a comment server other than KlinkFamily. Honestly, what's the point of making incendiary remarks on your blog if there isn't the potential to be rubuked?

In the meantime, you should watch this riveting movie trailer. It's about a tough-as-nails high school football coach with a heart of gold who gives a boy a second chance. As he changes this boy's life, however, the coach must first grapple with his own problems at home, including a budding teenage daughter who knows her father better as a coach than as a role model. With a cameo from John Leguizamo as the sassy no-nonsense latino maid. (No, I made that last one up.)

I'm not giving up on this movie. Just you wait and see.


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