Monday, July 14, 2003

The jig is up

How is it after weeks of getting 25-45 hits per day that today I suddenly rack up 170 before 8pm? Perhaps "rack" is the operative word. So for all you love-starved Patriot writers who are sitting in your darkened bedroom pressing F5 twenty times an hour in hopes of collecting both some funds and some fleshy visages, I have some bad news. A higher authority has stepped into this stripping matter. Namely, my loving boyfriend, whom I had yet to consult when making my initial pledge, has asked me to take it back. Not that I'm not an independent woman, but for the sake of our relationship, I need to apologize and rescind yesterday's offer. (He'd do the same for me.) Next time I promise to bare my soul and my legs to the Cal campus, I'll be sure that the man to whom that information is soley privy approves first.

But pledge number two is standing.

As is pledge number three. Bring it on, Chris.

In the mean time, I have a really nasty flu, repleat with the shakes, a fever, the chills, and inability to mentally function at my full capacity. I'll keep you posted.


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