Sunday, July 06, 2003

May the Fourth be With You

How was everyone's Independence Day weekend? Mine was swell. My boyfriend David and I went down to my great uncle's place Tarzana (just north of LA) to hang out with my family. Uncle Art gave us some his his own brand of beer (Hollywood Blond - as found in Southern California) for the road. Then David and I went to San Louis Obispo and enjoyed some the natural beauty of that area's national parks and beaches. Today we watched "Overboard" (starring Kurt Russel and Goldie Hawn in a movie that really lives up to its name - I counted at least five instances of people falling overboard during the course of the film), went to a beach and saw sea lions, and drove home. The most exciting part was that I drove at least 150 miles on the way back to the Bay. I don't yet have my license, so driving is still an exhilirating experience.

Anyhow, folks, nothing new to discuss (except how stupid the Davis recall effort is, how California taxes need to be raised, how loving freedom doesn't preclude you from criticizing your government, and of course how "inalienable" freedoms are never safe unless consistently fought for), but I hope everyone had a great and safe weekend.


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