Tuesday, July 29, 2003

My newest outrage

Since when did Plen-T-Paks switch from having 17 sticks to having 15 sticks? That's an 11.8% decrease. Will bottled sodas contain 17.65 FL OZ in the near future? Are we on the verge of 5.29-packs of beer? Will AM-PM convenience stores around the nation only be open 21.18 hours a day? What is this epidemic?

On a political note, my vote for Democratic presidential candidate in 2004 goes to Dennis Kucinich. A thorough perusal of his views and record proves that he is indeed The Progressive Choice for next year's election. Unlike many other candidates' web pages, his site contains a laundry list of issues and Kucinich's stance on each one (this format is also popular for Green candidates, probably because an unwarranted air of confusion surrounds their platform); there is nothing ambiguous about this man's politics, which no doubt contributes to the impossibility of him earning the Democrats' nomination.

I personally will not have the opportunity to vote for my new pal Dennis. I'm registered Green, which means I can't participate in the Democratic primaries. Luckilly, I would vote for Kucinich, a guaranteed failing candidate, anyway, so no matter what I'm "throwing my vote away." Such is the life of the unpragmatic bleeding-heart.


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