Thursday, July 31, 2003

Rebecca posts campus-specific material

Jeers to the capus servers that rendered BearFacts and the online Schedule of Classes inaccessable for at least five hours yesterday evening. My TeleBears appointment was last night, and I foolishly forgot to write down the course control numbers for the classes I wanted, and since the Stuent Store was long-closed I couldn't purchase a paper catalog. Thus I had to wait until this morning to sign up for my courses. Luckilly, my Fall schedule includes courses like Inderdisciplinary Studies Field Major Department 100B (Introduction to Social Theory and Cultural Analysis) and Inderdepartmental Studies 145C (Multicultural Europe). Ya know, classes that never get past 75% capacity. Classes that render graduates unable to find jobs or friends. Classes that the Heuristic Squelch makes fun of.

Speaking of which, I highly recommend (or should I say Rebeccommend?) that all of my readers who are in any way funny or clever submit material to my fine magazine. Our first issue will be handed out on Monday, August 25th, and we're accepting material until about August 17th. Become immortalized on paper and the web.


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