Thursday, August 07, 2003

And announcing the newest candidate: that kid from Webster!

I'm so relieved that no actual politicians have a chance at winning this gubernatorial race, if it in fact comes to fruition. I suppose Larry Flynt and Gary Coleman aren't actually viable candidates, but Arnold Schwarzenegger is. My hope is that the top five or so candidates spend millions and millions of dollars on campaigning, then, as Paul's friend Phil suggested might happen, Davis resigns and concedes his office to the next man in line (Lt. Governor Cruz Bustamante, a Democrat) days before the election. That would be a good gag.

But, if fate does demand that Californians be asked to choose a new governor, please be an active participant in the election process. Step one is to vote. Step two is to be proud of yourself for voting. Step three is to chide your friend Ryan for not voting. Pretty easy, huh? (Honestly, Ryan. What's your excuse?)

In the meantime, check out this swell website full of fun and innovative art:


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