Monday, August 25, 2003

ASUC Bookswap/My magazine is cooler than US Weekly

Hey kids! Hope you had a wonderful first day back. Unless, of course, you didn't have classes yet today, in which case I hope you had a terrible time.

I spent a healthy six hours (with a 30 minute break) on Sproul handing out the brand new issue of the Heuristic Squelch. My fellow editors and I handed out an impressive 4,100 copies of our latest opus today alone. Even with the assistence of SPF 30 Banana Boat sun block, I got a little red on my round, feminine, reptilian-textured shoulders. Liked the issue? Didn't like it? Tell us so at or leave a comment.

In other campus news, Senator Misha Leybovich, one of Cal's better looking student representatives, emailed me today and wanted me to pass along information about the ASUC Bookswap. I'm happy to oblidge. But only because he's good looking.

2nd semesterly ASUC BOOKSWAP:
Come check out the 2nd semesterly ASUC BOOKSWAP!!!
Buy/sell/barter/swap your books with other students and save/make money without the middleman!
Thursday August 28
11 AM - 4 PM
Upper Sproul Plaza
Contact: ASUC Senator Misha Leybovich at

I personally won't be there, but that's because admittedly I never learned how to read. I'm a whiz at Tetris, though.


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