Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Government v. Religion: 2003 Smackdown!!!
'Cause obviously the two are irreconcilable

So the Alabama Supreme Court decided that Moses' favorite Top Ten list isn't good enough to be on display (set in stone, quite literally) in a judicial building. Ah, nuts. Time to say goodbye to Christianity! First those beaurocratic fat cats in Washington won't let us lead prayer in public classrooms, then they let commie pinkos teach evolution in state-funded schools, then they start letting sex-frenzied men legally stick their members into each others' rear ends in each one of our fifty states plus Puerto Rico, and now this. Obviously these decisions will collectively undermine Judeo-Christianity as we know it in America, which will in turn prevent parents from raising their children with the religion of their choice and keep people in churches from freely preaching the Word of God, which will in turn lead to moral chaos in our fine nation. Otherwise, what would be the big deal?

On a scholasic note, I'd like to encourage all administrators, professors, and graduate student instructors to stick to the goddamn discussion section schedules that were dilineated on the Schedule of Classes when we signed up for our courses. Ya see, the sections I chose were chosen for a very specific reason: their time slots fit so snugly and satisfactorily, almost sexually, within my lecture schedule. So when all of a sudden you junk the correct, previously agreed upon section times and introduce wacky, unexpected times in their stead, and it just so happens that all the new sections occur during my other lectures, it kinda fucks me up. Thanks.


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