Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Hiatus!!! Part Deux: And This Time It's Work-Related!

Hey again to my loyal followers. Believe it or not, the good people at the Heuristic Squelch invest thousands of man hours per year to produce six issues of free hilarity make it into your palms. By Thursday at midnight, I will have spent over 50 hours in the last week investing my writing, layout, and graphical talents to my honored magazine. The Squelch is about quality; if we need a picture of a dude's face and it needs to look like he's getting a hand job, and if we can't find that picture with a google image search, gosh darn we'll stage it ourselves. That's our commitment to you, the reader. And since both my Creative Editors are flakes, my Editor-in-Chief is busy instructing 14-year olds at band camp, and my Layout Editor has lost his voice due to illness, I'm having to work overtime.

Consequently, my ability to comment on California political news has been stifled.

Also, I am officially looking for anyone with proficient Photoshop and/or InDesign skills (and an excellent sense of humor) to join our humble layout and graphics staff. Write us at

See you on Friday!

P.S. I'm taking time out of my day on Thursday in the Pauley Ballroom to give blood. You should too.


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