Friday, August 01, 2003

Rebecca Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive.

If you didn't catch the Daily Show last night, I strongly suggest you catch the replay at 7 tonight. In fact, I strongly suggest that you watch it all four nights a week. Not only is host Jon Stewart darned attractive, the political commentary is tremendously poignant, and the humor top-notch. The highlight of last night's episode was the opening news bit with George W. Bush's most recent press conference. It confirmed entirely what a big dope our president is.

And so W. is also officially anti-gay marriage/civil union. Hmm, not surprising. What is surprising is that he would openly refer to homosexuality as a sin as he did in said press conference.

And the Vatican has put their two papal cents into the gay political fold. Business as usual.

I like to watch "The 700 Club" sometimes for laughs. Their most recent campaign was to get their viewers to pray for the souls of the Supreme Court jusices who vited in favor of sin.

I know religion is a sensitive subject for almost everyone, and I also know that each person has a personalized and individualized faith within their sect. And I know that religious principles have since the origin of time integrated themselves into law and politics. But for goodness' sake, can we please let the rules surrounding homosexuality be determined by the pursuit of equal rights and not by religious doctrine, especially given that we are a nation who operates under the auspices of religious freedom?


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