Tuesday, August 19, 2003

When bad people make me look bad

In my daily perusal of the SF Chronicle I came across this article.

Foie gras is one of the more disgusting foodstuffs homo sapiens have invented. (No seriously, it's really gross.) But please oh please why can't we protest cruelty to animals though legal means? What ever happened to the age-old maxim that two wrongs don't make a right?

If you don't like foie gras, don't eat it, and encourage your friends and family to avoid it, or join an organization that legally protests animal-unfriendly foods. When you vandalize property and terrorize chefs, you make ME look bad. I'm very adamant about every animal's right to live a painless, unopppressed life, and consequently you'd have to force a metal tube down my esophogus to get me to eat foie gras. But honestly, what would I accomplish by shiving a veal chef in a San Francisco alley under the cloak of night? I'd be trivializing the real pain and suffering of farm animals, is what I'd be accomplishing. I'd be helping to convince the omnivorous community that the animal rights troup is irrational and hypocritical, not to mention criminal.

Don't terrorize; educate! If you refuse to eat meat or if you've simply omitted a certain especially cruel food product from your diet for moral reasons, and someone asks you about your lifestyle and motivations, share with him the facts about farm conditions, tell him about the intensely negative environmental impact of meat and animal byproduct production, and let him see that your diet is a genuine attempt to alleviate suffering on this ol' planet. Attacking people for eating dead animals only works against you.


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