Saturday, October 18, 2003

For those about to rock.

Yet another subtle reminder to check out the very good If Six Was Nine blog (, wherein six sexy coeds offer their insights into the world of music. Also note that we now have a neat-o masthead at the top of the page with pictures of all six of us in alphabetical order. (That means I'm the one on the far right, kids.) My initial plan when I got into the blogging madness was to never let my readers (besides the ones whom I know in person) know what I look like. Well, now you do. Sexy. That's what I look like.

I'd also like to remind you that the Heuristic Squelch will be hosting a swell comedy show this upcoming Wednesday at the Bear's Lair at 8pm. It's only $5 for a whole night of laffs. Find us on Sproul.

What, by the way, did you all think of the most recent issue of our fine little humor mag?

Make to sure to celebrate the end of midterms responsibly. For example, don't celebrate the end of one midterm by ceasing to study for a week, only to remember that you have another midterm within the next few days.

I drove around the streets of Berkeley and Albany for the first time last night. I don't have my license yet, only my permit, but I am a very fast learner. I didn't drive when I was a teenager because I simply didn't have the money for insurance and gas and a car. (I, like a sucker, was saving my earnings for college. Psshh.) But now I'm an excellent driver. Definitely.


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