Wednesday, October 08, 2003


I now officially have no trust in the ability of the populous to elect the right people. I'm surrounded by 35 million doofers. Down with democracy! Up with highly centralized federal government!

On a lighter note, both propositions failed. Proposition 54 did not pass in any county at all, in fact. Even in Orange County, the coast's beacon of conservativism and illegal immigrant labor force, Prop 54 failed 51% to 49%.

In San Francisco County, Peter Camejo received about 1,300 more votes than McClintock. Yay! Gary Coleman got 21 more votes than drop-out candidate Peter Ueberroth. Yikes.

In Alameda County, write-in candidate Daniel Freedman received one vote. The Squelch Publicity Coordinator voted for himself.

Again on the lighter side, cheers to such high voter turnout. About 2 million more voted yesterday than a year ago.

On a curious note, how many of you were asked to provide photo ID when checking into your polling place? I was not asked, nor were any of the several other people I asked. Isn't such slack behavior conducive to voter fraud?

Here's how I voted:
Triple No plus Camejo.

I encourage you all to go back in time and do the same.

Here are all the exciting election returns from around the state!

New Squelch on Monday.


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