Tuesday, October 28, 2003

NEWSBREAK: Democratic Party Dusts Off Pair of Severely Atrophied Balls
ALSO: Rebecca C. Brown Engages in Extended Third-Person Critique Describing Her Views on this Election's Viable Democratic Candidates

General Wesley Clark said today that the Bush Administration and, more specifically, George W. Bush himself need to take responsibility for their failure to respond to intelligence leading up to the September 11 attacks. (Full article here.) The comments of Clark today represented one of the stronger assaults on Bush's deception and incompetance by a plausable Democratic candidate.

(What amused me most from this article was this paragraph: "The Bush-Cheney campaign declined to respond to Clark's criticism, referring calls to the Republican National Committee. Christine Iverson, spokeswoman for the RNC, said Clark 'sounds exactly like Bob Graham, the failed presidential candidate from Florida who launched similar attacks against the president a few month ago, and was forced to drop out of the race because his message of protest and pessimism failed to resonate with the American people.'" So Iverson isn't saying that Clark is wrong, she's just saying that his views are unpopular. That's cute.)

Surprisingly enough, the cynical feminist Green with a strong disdain for corruption and pandering (namely Rebecca C. Brown) is relatively pleased with the Democratic candidates for the upcoming election. She even thinks that a few of the reasonably electable ones (Clark, Dean, Kerry) might somewhat represent her.

She does, however, feel that Dean and Clark each falter on selected issues. For example, while Howie (as she likes to call him) wants to protect women's reproductive rights, he also feels that the death penalty is an acceptable form of justice. Wes may present an overall liberal point of view (which will especially impress the American public because he is a four-star general and former Republican), he represents too steep of a compromise with the Right, according to Rebecca, on matters such as free trade and gun control.

Miss Brown would like to encourage all of her left-leaning readers to consider Dennis Kucinich, the Little Clevelander Who Could if He Was Only Given a Chance, for their Democratic pic these upcoming primaries. The author entreaties you to check out his fearless views (and facts) on the death penalty, the war on drugs, IRV, gay rights, trade, and many other issues. She feels that Dennis represents the most progressive and exciting option in the Democratic party.


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