Saturday, November 22, 2003

It would take one pea brain, one unqualified man, one liar slipped into this White House to bring a decade of horror like none we have ever known.

The RNC (not President Bush himself) has decided to start spending millions of dollars in the primaries to get a leg up on making sure Bush gets the nomination. Or maybe they're spending this money to encourage Democrats to stay home during the primaries, which is ineffectual because a Democrat will be nominated even if only eleven Democrats show up to vote. Or maybe they're priming swing voters to jump on the Republican hate wagon before it leaves town. Whatever the motivation, it's a big waste of money.

This ad will start airing in Iowa on Sunday.

I'm on a Kucinich e-mailing list, and I think my good friend Denny had some strong and important words to say about the RNC's depiction of the terrorist threat on America: "The Republican National Committee is using money that derives largely from the wealthiest few in America to pay for advertisements aimed at keeping all Americans scared. We will not be frightened into submission. We will not forget the lies we were told about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. We will not forget that Iraq had nothing to do with 9-11. We will remember that for the hundreds of billions we are spending on an unjust and destabilizing occupation in Iraq, we could have an investment in American education that would include free pre-kindergarten and free college tuition. We need to get our priorities straight and not give in to the fear-mongering. I offer America the hope of a new approach and a clear choice in the next election."

Similar attacks against the RNC's fear machine appear on the other Democrats' homepages. In pouring over websites and watching debates, I am very pleased to see the Democrats unified in their pledge defeat Bush. I'm inspired to see so many of the candidates, both viable and long-shot, resist the temptation to play the middle of the road. (Svae for Lieberman. He's a sellout.) My only fear is that when the primaries are over, the Democratic candidate's current dedication to a rejuvinated left will deteriorate into moderate (read "right of center") pandering.

Oh, and Go Bears. I'm not into rivalry at all, especially not in the athletic realm. The only grudge I hold against Stanford (with an "O" - misspelling has never equated to clever zinging for me) is that their tuition is through the roof and thus only kids with rich parents or exceptional sports abilities can attend. So that "Go Bears" was apathetic and obligatory. In fact, Go Bears, Stay Bears, Sit Bears. I don't care. So long as the Squelch is better than Stanford's "humor" mag the Chapparelle, I'm content.

P.S. My tooth extraction went very well. Only minimal throbbing in my gums and jaw so far. Luckilly, my cute boyfriend got me a Cuisinart food processer for our first anniversary just days before my surgery, so even the most challenging meals can be instantly transformed into soft food that my swollen mouth can handle. Like pasta pate. Actually, I'm sticking to friut and soy protein powder smoothies. Mmmmm.....isoflavones.


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