Monday, November 17, 2003

Only 37 hours left! Get on the Kucinich date wagon NOW!

Submissions to enter's Go To Dinner With Presidential Unhopeful Dennis Kucinich are due by midnight on Wednesday, November 19. Here's why I would be the best candidate:

- I'm a damned hippie, but I'm also pragmatic.
- I love single-payer health care, and I can never get enough peace.
- Did I say peace? I meant peach. I love peaches. But I also love peaces. No, peace. I love peach.
- DK and I are both vegans, so eating dinner together would be a breeze. No Sizzler for us.
- I have a hairpiece fetish.
- I agree with him on all political fronts except affirmative action and bilingual education. (And believe me, the dude has a really long list of political beliefs.)
- We've both got cherubic good looks. Our kids would look like elves.

Also, check out this rad audio postcard from Willie Nelson endorsing Denny. Nice tanktop!


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