Thursday, November 13, 2003

An update for all my family and close friends

I don't often find the time to personally contact my loved ones and update them with my happenings, but in case said loved ones are reading my blog, here's a summary of the next few weeks' activities:

- Tue., 11/18/03: Paper due in History of Art. Stupid paper.

- Fri., 11/21/03: Wisdom tooth extraction (all four of them) with Dr. Patakas in Alameda. My two bottom molars have soft tissue vertical impaction, meaning my jaw isn't long enough to accommodate these teeth, so the back half of each tooth has grown in under the gum. Here's an informative diagram:

- Sat., 11/22/03: Be in a lot of pain from previous day's procedure.

- Thu., 11/27/03: Thanksgiving with the man-pal's family in Sacramento. As a swollen-mouthed vegan, I have planned to bring my own delectable T-day treats, including vegan cornbread, vegan pumpkin pie, and a healthful yet exciting vegan yam dish. Mmmmm...yam dish.

I hope you all feel as if you were right here with me. I sure do.


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