Sunday, November 02, 2003

What's next? A gay pope?

"The Episcopal Church consecrated V. Gene Robinson as bishop in a heartfelt ceremony Sunday, making him the first openly gay man to rise to that rank in any of the world's major Christian bodies. But while pageantry mixed with exultation in the ritual elevating Robinson to bishop of New Hampshire, it seems unlikely the church will hold together in its aftermath." (Full article here.)

I think my loyal readers shold be able to predict my view on the matter. I completely support the right of the percentage of the Episcolpalians who oppose homosexuality to splinter off from the Anglican Church. But they're being archaic and childish. I'm just glad that this matter does not have to be mediated by law, given that God and state are separate entities (despite frequent evidence to the contrary). That's why I'm confused by the last paragraph from the news story:

"Some predict this will develop into the worst Episcopal split since the denomination was founded in 1789. And depending on the shape things take, a spate of church lawsuits may well result."

Lawsuit? Maybe someone with a more acute understanding of law could explain how the church could file any suits. On what basis? That consecrating a gay bishop defies the rules lain out in the Bible? I very honestly don't see what actual laws have been broken.

On a seasonal note, I hope you all had an enjoyable and, more importantly, safe Halloween. David, Andy, and I went down to Scott and the other Andy's place in Santa Barbara for the weekend. We fastidiously avoided Isla Vista, lest we be arrested en masse, until the day after Halloween, when we drove down the main celebration stretch to laugh at all the hungover kids walk home. Ubiquitous red party cups and half-torn sparkly costume butterfly/fairy/standard-female-quick-costume wings littered the road. It was glorious. On the night of the 31st we played Beirut, a delightful game of agility and coordination. Scott and I are currently World Champions of the World. Last night I further solidified my role as designated driver. My plan is to get my license in December, at which point my DD assignment will from then on be unequivocal.


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