Thursday, November 06, 2003

You gotta fight for your right to get free cookies and orange juice

That's right kids. Blood drive tomorrow in Wozinak (I probably spelled that wrong) Lounge in Soda Hall from the morning to the afternoon. I'll be there at about 10:30, as will Paul. The two of us have a friendship based on the mutual love of Elvis Costello and giving blood.

There will also be "Get the Red Out" Big Game week blood drives from 9-4 in Pauley Pavillion on Monday Nov. 17 and Friday Nov. 21. Even if I were eligable to give on the 21st (you have to wait at least 56 days between donations), I wouldn't. Instead on that day I shall be getting four of my teeth hacked out of my skull. And I'm paying almost $200 for the honor.

GIVE BLOOD!!! First, you save some lives. Second, you usually get a free t-shirt (you can choose among large, X-large, and XX-large). Lastly, needles are way cool. Trust me.


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