Wednesday, December 03, 2003


ASUC Apple Senator Paul La Fata spotted eating alone at Gypsy's at 5:48pm. La Fata was seen sprinkling parmesean onto his unidentified entree. Several weeks ago, the Senator was also seen in line at CUBS, the University credit union located on Lower Sproul. On both occasions, he was wearing his shirt tucked in.

This can only lead me to several conclusions: First, that Republicans tuck their shirts in. Further, they enjoy Italian food from local eateries. Lastly, they support non-profit banking systems.

These conclusions happen to be uncorraborated by the actions of the other Republican whom I know personally, namely a Mr. Hovannes A. (I've not included his last name for the sake of his anonymity. And I can't spell the dude's last name.) Though I'm uncertain of his eating preferences, previously obtained intelligence would lead me to believe that he uses a commercial bank. Also, I've never seen him with his shirt tucked in.

This can only lead me to one conclusion: You just can't trust a Republican. They always try to keep you guessing.


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