Thursday, December 11, 2003

I've got some beef with Ted Koppel

First, I hope all my readers are finding this finals season agreeable to their health and happiness. Per my own personal philosophy, I've adopted the "Study Schmudy" attitude that has served me so well for the last seven years. But with 15 pages of writing and a photo book (in addition to my lone timed final) due this year, I've been keeping busy. Not to mention all the painting, crocheting, and baking I need to complete for Christmas gifts. In short, sorry for neglecting my blogging duties.

If you didn't catch it the first time around, I rebeccommend that you watch the most recent Democratic presidential debate on (Find the link on the homepage that says "Democratic Presidential Debate" from 12/9/03 or 12/10/03.) It's 90 minutes long, but it'll give you an excuse to stop studying for a little while and still feel intellectual. My problem is that the first third of the debate, as mediated by Ted Koppel and his hair, is spent almost entirely discussing polls and Gore's endorsement of Dean. Koppel insists upon making Gore's endorsement an issue for all nine candidates, even though only a few (Dean, Kerry, and Lieberman) appear to care. Further, he presses the four "non-serious" candidates (Braun, Sharpton, Edwards, and Kucinich) about their low rankings in the polls.

Skip through the video to listen to Dennis' response to these proddings. He tells Ted what for.


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