Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Braun Drops Out; Rebecca Not Surprised.

My prediction, yet again, is that by the time the California primary rolls around, only Dean, Kerry, Gephart, Sharpton, and Kucinich will still be in. Lieberman, Edwards, and Clark will also stop spending their respective monies on an unwinnable campaign. I'm 60-40 on Gephart, and 80-20 in thinking that Kerry staying in. Sharpton and Kucinich, of course, have too much zeal (or stubburness?) to drop out. Kucinich is Nader in elf's clothing.

Braun's drop and subsequent endorsment of Dean shows yet again that women can only mildly succeed in politics if they are total sell-outs. Index Arianna Huffington and Hillary Clinton.

With the DC caucus under our belt, I'll be the first on CalJunket to say that they should get two senators and a representative. They have more people than Wyoming, and they pay federal taxes. I really don't see why there is even a debate on the matter.

Speaking of how our nation is a federation, cheers to California for having the lowest smoking rates of any US state (besides Utah, of course) at 16.4%. Jeers to Kentucky at 32.6%. This just goes to show that if you make any semi-public smoking prohibtively difficult by law and thus contribute to decreased smoking rates, then you can gently ram nearly any value system down a population's throat. I'm totally for it, too. Of course general public opinion and mainstream culture values determine law, but to a small extent law can help change public opinion. Make butt sex legal and Joe Citizen might not be so grossed out by butt sex, says I.


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