Tuesday, January 20, 2004

I'm retracting my prediction.

I no longer think Edwards will pull out before mid-March. I like the senator's momentum. I'm now switching my doubt from Edwards to Gephart. Don't you like how my predictions change once evidence against my previous predictions surfaces? Any minute now MSNBC will be writing me an email asking me to bring my wit and prognosticating abilities to their network.

I think Edwards could beat Bush, or at least come closer than anyone else. Dean has already absorbed so much mainstream criticism, and the public has long since given in to the artfully fabricated "Dean is really angry" bit that the media has been reinforcing. Kerry looks like a basset hound. Clark's head is too tiny for his body. Gephart's hair is the same color as his skin. Lieberman has a perma-frown. Sharpton is black, which to many Americans still means that he's gonna steal my bike and sell my straight-A student some crack. And Kucinich is just way too awesome for Americans to handle right now.

That leaves the amiable, Southern, slightly-left-of-centrist-lefties, Clinton-esque Edwards. He's just so damned likable. And don't let his boyish good looks deceive you: John is 52 years old. What's his secret? Obviously he's not my favorite candidate, but he's certainly far from my least favorite. I would be pleased to see a John Edwards presidency.


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