Wednesday, February 04, 2004

A vast conspiracy to make a bigger deal out of something that is ultimately terribly unimportant.

Just try running an image search on google, yahoo, or altavista for "janet jackson super bowl." All three, at least for the time being, will yield zero (0) results. I wonder who decided this was the most appropriate course of action.

As Jon Stewart duley noted, it takes the FCC 10 hours to launch an investigation into Janet Jackson's breast exposure, but the Bush administration won't launch an investigation into faulty WMD intelligence until after the election.

Speaking of which, I encourage any of my Republican readers, if in fact they bear contempt for George W. Bush's decidely "un-republican" (immigrant legislation, NEA endowment, whatever) or decidely shifty policies (openly and unapologetically lying to Americans and everyone else, whatever), to NOT vote for him. Or at the very least to not vote for him in the primary. Vote for someone whom you actually trust or agree with, like Tom McClintock. Or write someone in. Write yourself in. Votes speak louder than disgruntled mutterings. The California primary is March 2.


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