Wednesday, March 24, 2004

It’s bad enough that I have to change my mind when the facts change…

…but to have to do so when the facts don’t change is just embarrassing. In my earlier post I feebly tried to sum up the neo-con ideology and failed miserably. The more I read about them and by them the more I come to realize that neo-cons really do want to attack the root causes of terrorism; they’re just not very good at it. Basically, the neo-cons view the problem of Al-Qaeda and other groups as a symptom of the backward political systems of the Middle East. Reasonably, they posit that democratizing the area will sap the power of terrorist groups. Contrary to all reason however, they believe that this process could be done mostly through military intervention without international support. You could argue that their plan of forceful democratization would have worked better had the Bush administration not proven so inept in planning. I doubt neo-con angst would be assuaged by this line of reasoning though. In conclusion, this has nothing to do with David Orlando.


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