Wednesday, March 17, 2004

See you in Munich, suckers!

Actually, no, I probably won't see any of you in Munich. Nor are you necessarily a sucker. Just most likely.

Anyhow, from Thursday morning to Monday, March 29, mein Freund (das nudge, das nudge) and I will be taking a holiday in Bavaria mit mein Freunds Freund.

Thusly, Rebecca C. Brown's posting will be nonexistent until then. I promise a substantial numer of pictures when I return. They may or may not involve cheap Bier.

Shall any of my loyal readers request souveniers aus Munchen? I'm already planning to pick up plenty of Hofbrau matchbooks and napkins, and Misha wants some Toblerone. ("But you can get Toblerone in America." "Yeah, but not Munich Toblerone." Fair enough, Misha.)


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