Wednesday, March 31, 2004


Word on the street has it that the Elections Council has relinquished its ban on obscene, vulgar, poopy, etc. language at its upcoming Candidates' Forum. Here's to old-fahioned legal one-upmanship by Mr. Matt Holohan, a Boalt law student, former ASUC Student Advocate, and current Academic Affairs Vice President candidate. Check out his election blog here.

On a less elated note, the EC has yet to allow for free speech in its Voters' Guide, which includes profiles of each candidate as supplied by the candidate him- or herself. More specifically, a certain candidate has chosen to include a certain "offensive" word in his profile, and Rebecca Simon currently intends not to run the profile. If the EC chooses to behave fairly (and legally), this will no longer be an issue 24 hours from now.

Updates as I hear 'em.


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