Friday, April 09, 2004

The Daily Cal's ASUC Elections Forum! Be there, yo!

This Saturday, April 10 at 5pm in 10 Evans Hall. All executive candidates (about 25 of us) will heartfeltedly (yeah, that's a word) deliver our important messages about this election to all students and Daily Cal representatives in attendance. I can only promise that five of us will deliver a message that is not snore-inducingly boring and trite. The five Squelch! candidates, that is. We will in fact be out in full force, and a good time will be had by all when we take the stage.

Speaking of the election, it's about time I gave you my endorsements. First, the head honcho, in order of favorites.


1. Dan Freedman, Squelch!. A very sincere and hard-working fellow with an excellent sense of humor. And he's buff.

2. Jake Kloberdgfhlqwd..., BearsUNITED. Okay, I forgot how to spell his name. But I can gurantee he'd be fiscally responsable. A straight shooter. Very easy to get along with. Doesn't take himself too seriously. Also very muscular.

3. Misha Leybovich, Student Action, etc. He's a big sellout for joining forces with SA, but I suppose he wouldn't have enough resources to run on his own. Non-ideological. Tries too hard to make his job sound important (for example, likes to say things such as "When I wake up the morning, I try to think of what I can do to make students' lives better" or something to that effect), but he means well, and will make sure the ASUC serves students and not state campaigns. Actually has accomplished things as a two-term senator, including the Bookswap and helping to keep the Squelch magazine from losing more funding than it would have without the help of him, Rocky, and Adnan. Curiously enough, very buff as a proportion of his body wieght.

Renita of CalSERVE plans on continuing to use the ASUC as platform for non-campus poitical funding and activism; DAAP's candidate is, well, the reverse Pat Buchanan of CalSERVE; and the other miscelaneous candidates are unimpressive.

More endorsements to come, not to mention maybe some non-ASUC-related posts. Maybe.


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