Sunday, April 11, 2004

More endorsements!

The Daily Cal endorsement forum went swimmingly tonight, and for what it's worth, the responses I heard from the candidates helped me to make a more informed candidate ranking than I would have made otherwise. Plus, I got to call Claudia Bermudez a "big douche" in front of about 100 people.

Here are some CalJunket endorsements that I hope you can find helpful:

Student Advocate

1. Dave Madan, independent. I can mostly take Kevin's word for it, but he also offered reasonable and concrete solutions to publicity problems, and he supports a student's right to legal representation when faced with charges from the university.

2. Kevin Deenihan, Squelch!. The Squelch! party has a way of winning this office without much effort, and it would be fun to see that legacy continued.

3. Vivien Lee, independent. An intelligent woman with a sharp wit, if not the always noble desire to spread mirth. Death rays rock!

Academic Affairs Vice President

1. Matt Holohan, Squelch!. Who doesn't want to have sex with professors?! CalSERVE, that's who. Plus voting for him first isn't dangerous because, when he drops out first, your vote can transfer to...

2. Rocky Gade, Student Action. Like Misha, Rocky is a major sellout for joining forces with SA, but, again, resources are a problem when you run independently or with small parties. Rocky strongly supports student groups and publications and giving them proper funding. Further, like Misha, he has tangible plans (such as cheaper webcasts!) to improve academic affairs.

External Affairs Vice President

1. David Duman, Squelch!. No I am not totally biased on this one. In the event of David's victory, he of course could not serve the position (he's starting his MFA program at SF State this fall). But the other three candidates are so dreadfully bland or single-mided that voting for them even second or third would make me feel insincere. Pammy O'Leary, like Misha and Rocky, has solid ideas, but she doesn't seem terribly humorous. I would much sooner see her in office than Liz or Josie, but I can only confidently give one vote in this office. And my vote goes to the candidate with the cutest butt.

Executive Vice President

1. Rebecca C. Brown, Squelch!. She has good ideas for increasing ASUC bookstore revenue and for improving the seismic safety of Eshleman Hall. And she runs the coolest blog in town. And she has natural blond highlights.

2. Mo Benny, independent. He has clear-headed, non-ideological ideas to help students run the ASUC more effectively (or should I say MO effectively?). He's friendly and positive, which goes a long way in getting people to listen to your side of the story.

3. Alfred Twu, independent. As the Editor-in-Chief of Berzerk (the primarily Asian-oriented comics mag on campus), I could trust Alfred to support student groups and, more importantly, publications. His quirkiness is likable, and his sincerity could inspire student leaders to work together more smoothly.

President (revised)

1. Jake Kloberdanz, BEARS-United. (I got his name and his party right this time. Yay for me.)

2. Misha Leybovich, Student Action.

3. Dan Freedman, Squelch!. (I love you, Dan. But you're graduating. And a Jake or Misha administration might actually accomplish some good for this dumb organization. You bust rhymes like a mutha fucka, though.)

My senate pics are on the way. Voting is Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday this week.


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