Thursday, April 01, 2004


The ASUC Elections Council just doesn't get it yet, do they? This excerpt is from an email EC Publicity Coordinator Rebecca Simon sent to all candidates last night:

This email is to inform you that your candidate template has be received, however it not yet approved....Please be aware that in the next 24 hours I will be sending mails out regarding a need for formatting revisions, additions, deletions, etc....I will email a final list so you can cross check that your statement has been approved.

No, there will not be a need for any revisions, additions, deletions, or etceteras (unless the profiles exceeded the 100-word limit). In accordance with the ASUC constitution and by-laws and more specifically the Quigley-Heilig Elections By-laws, the profiles will be printed as provided by the candidates. Please note Article IV item 4.1 of the aforementioned election by-laws regarding the purpose of the Voters' Guide:

The Voters’ Guide shall provide an opportunity to candidates, parties, proponents and opponents of propositions to express their opinions on the Elections, and for information to be disbursed to the electorate about the ASUC, the voting procedures, and the candidates and propositions.

See where it says that the Voters' Guide provides an opportunity for candidates to express their opinions on the Elections as edited and approved by the Elections Council? No? Me neither.

I'm hoping the EC is intelligent enough to provide for the free speech rights of all candidates, and to provide for them before the Voters' Guide is printed. Otherwise, the issue will be taken to the Judicial Council, the EC will most likely lose, and they'll have to re-print the Voters' Guide. Given the already tight budget, that would not be a desirable option for any parties involved.

I very strongly hope that I've posted prematurely, and that between the time that I fell asleep last night and now this matter has been favorably resolved. I would also be pleased if Elections Chair Lesliann Cachola sent an email to all candidates officially explaining that No, you will not be censured or forcibly removed from the Candidates' Forum if you use offensive or negative speech.

Depending on today's events, look for an Op Ed in the Daily Cal on Friday penned by my favorite shit-stirrer of them all, David Duman.


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