Thursday, April 01, 2004


Further word on the street has it that the Elections Council will in fact be running previously unacceptable content in the ASUC Voters' Guide. Thank you to David Duman, Kevin Deenihan, and the threat of Matt Holohan for seeking justice in the face of so much incompetance and misguided ideology of political correctness.

Candidates have yet to receive any official notification, however, indicating that Angel Brewer's and Rebecca Simon's intentions to censor have been reversed.

With that in order, I highly recommend that you give your number one senatorial vote to the Squelch! Party's Ben Narodick, who is candidate #56. Under the cajoling and puppeteering of the aged leaders of the Squlech! Party (and maybe through some of his own volition), he will defend the funding of student groups and publications, and he will stand up for such essential student rights as free speech and the right to dissent. And he has a funny last name.


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