Saturday, May 08, 2004

CalJunket gets a new look

Rebecca C. Brown cares about her readers. She aims only to please. Therefore she has invested a few hours in the "Template" tab of blogger attempting to make her website a little more attractive and definitively more Cal-esque. (If anything, now CalJunket looks like the old Bearmail site, sans the whimsical rollerskating be-sunspectacled ursa, and with more cursewords.) Continuing within the theme of Rebecca C. Brown being concerned foremost with the happiness of her loyal readers, she would be most greatful if you offered feedback (positive or negative) about the changes and made suggestions as to what could be improved. She would also like to start writing in first person.

Note that she, er, I also changed the comments template. Classy, no?

P.S. Don't forget that tomorrow is Mother's Day. Unless your mother, step-mother, or legal guardian fully appreciates this holiday for what it is (a marketing ploy meant to capitalize on America's guilt for not taking better care of its mothers), I bet your old woman would love to hear from you.


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