Thursday, May 27, 2004

Welcome me.

Long Beach says hello to my readers. My brief reprive from school and work was very enjoyable. Thanks for asking.

For those of you who will be in the LA area tomorrow night, I highly rebeccommend that you catch my step-dad's 80s cover band Knyght Ryder at Di Piazza's in the LBC! I've actually never seen them perform, but I've heard them rehearse. And they wear tight pants.

The highlight of my trip to Long Beach was getting to watch my step-dad's DVDs of the BBC show "The Office." Absolutely the funniest six hours of television produced in the last ten years. Europe does everything better than we do. Television. Fashion. Ecology. Music. Cars. Social democracy. Agricultural regulation legislation. Everything but food.

Speaking of food, is Jody Gorran the biggest douche of the week or what? He's the idiot suing Atkins Inc. because the institute's recommended diet gave him high cholesterol and clogged his arteries. That's like filing a lawsuit against the Pope because growing up in a devout Catholic household gave you a pee fetish. What did he expect?! It's also annoying that the organization filing the suit is being identified as an "extremist" animal rights group. Just what I needed.

In conclusion, go Flames. And go Lakers.


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