Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Bee tee double-yoo

Slightly more specific ASUC elections results (for the execs, at least) are available on the ASUC Elections website. Apparantly my campaign appeal surpassed that of Alfred "Reasonable and Sound Policies" Twu and Mo "Blingin'" Benny. Eat my third place finish, boys. (In actuality, I made very good aquaintances with Mo during the campaign trail, and all my interactions with Alfred have been pleasant. A pair of class-acts, I dare say.)

Whoot whoot to the Squelch! party for a good showing. Especially David Duman edging out Josie Hyman. Maybe that's because the DAAP's candidate's last name is a homophone for the fold of mucous membrane partly closing the orifice of the vagina. Josie is a lovely woman nonetheless.

Hopefully the Elections Council will post actual numbers and more resolved senate showings within a few weeks.


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