Tuesday, June 15, 2004


Now that my little dream of yet another Laker championship has been crushed by Larry Brown and Ben Wallace's afro, and since I'm not terribly excited to get right back to my American Studies C118 reading, I've decided to create what for me is a new pasttime: Guesablogging, as in putting random words or phrases into the URL and seeing what pops up. Let's have a looksee at some of the fun sites I've discovered tonight.

Spittle. Poor Hunter could only muster tempered patience with humanity long enough to post thrice, though the content of all three offerings is uniform.

Scene, Int: Hunter, age 14, rifles through older brother's community college text books, happens upon Cliff's Notes for "Notes from Underground."

Hunter: My life will never be the same!

Pancakes. Tammy, who resides in Austin, has recently lost many of her local friends to their international ambitions. More disturbingly, she is currently grappling with dial-up. She does have a link to Banana Phone, though.

SheMale. Disappointing despite the promising title. Again, only a trio of posts, including a movie review, a plug for "Boys Don't Cry," and a brief romance-novelesque narration of a certain "David." Saucey. Repleat with self-conscious blog profile.

Faery. Kevin, Re, D, Neoleen, and Faery apparantly use their blog in lieu of instant messenger. Genius.

PoopChute. Absorbo has only posted once as of this publishing, but I anticipate pages and pages of thrilling self-depricating, post-modern, desperately awkward musing about the meaninglessness of humanity.

Antipathy. "Radio, as the author addresses himself, is less covert in his misanthropic intentions. He's old enough to have a kid, apparantly. Link to Interpol.

And no, does not exist....YET! (Now's your chance.)


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