Friday, July 23, 2004

Any way you slice it, Ken's number one.

Good news, folks. Ken Jennings has put himself in the annals of Americana, joining the likes of Joe Louis, John F. Kennedy, and Ralph Macchio, by holding the record for the most money earned in one day on Jeopardy! His $75,000 victory today even surpasses the pre-doubled dollar amount one-day record (set by Jerome Vered in 1992 with $34,000) when adjusted for Jeopardy! inflation. Here's to the irrepressible American spirit, and the "Potent Potables" category.

Just as Ken closes this season on Jeopardy! with a record-breaking victory, on Sunday Lance Armstrong will undoubtedly win an unprecedented sixth consecutive Tour de France, barring any accidents or wild raccoon attacks. Very clearly, having two testicles really weighs a man down, both literally and figuratively.

Vive le domination!


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