Monday, July 12, 2004

Could a well-written conservative and/or Bush supporter please explain why this legislation is acceptable?

Sometimes I understand the mentality and moral convictions behind certain Republican legislation, even if I couldn't in a million years agree with it. (For example, while I could never pretend that I think an embryo is a person, I can appreciate that some people do and have what they believe is strong justification for this belief.) But when it comes to logging, I'm stumped. I'm sure one of my intelligent right-wing colleagues can help me out here.

[Article summary: Bush is proposing opening up more national forests to logging, reversing last-minute Clinton administration legislation that blocked road building in a big chunk of forests. Under the proposed bill, governers could petition the Department of Agiculture to block logging in their state, but the states in which this legislation will bear the most effect (such as Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Utah) have traditionally been pro-logging.]


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