Friday, July 30, 2004

Kerry transcends innocuousness into the realm of supportability.

For those of you who missed John Kerry's nomination acceptance speech (as I did), please take the time to read it here.

Very surprisingly, I think the speech was fantastic. There was minimal usage of those time-tested yet utterly repulsive taglines (his being "Hope is on the way"), he managed to appear positive while also delineating where the Bush administration has failed, and he offered enough specific numbers and plans to offer undecided voters something tangible to put in their pockets. I found his series of statements about Bush not valuing families especially impressive. His assertion that patriotism and the symbol of the flag do not belong solely to the Republicans was strong without being harsh.

After doing more research about Kerry, and after reading this speech, my feeling toward him has elevated from amiable apathy to mild support. I look forward to doing even more research, and I greatly look forward to the debates. I still feel he's watered down on the gay marriage issue, but could very well be strategic. I certainly hope that his pledge to the environment will not be forgotten when he takes office.

That's right; I said "when."

Thanks to The Facts Machine for the speech link.


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