Monday, August 30, 2004

OSL fee defeated. Democracy safe...for now.

Good news, student groups. Through firm negotiation tactics from your ASUC Office of the President, the proposed mandatory OSL registration fee that would have been imposed on all students groups will not materialize this year. This would-be fee would have prevented any student groups who chose not to pay from tabling, reserving class rooms, or accessing ASUC money. Negotiations with OSL have proven successful for now, though the OSL might attempt yet again to impose this fee next year.

This happy turn of events can be attributed to massive student group outrage at the fee, the president's organized and mature campaign against OSL, and the threat of an Executive Order that would have eliminated the need for student groups to register with OSL in order to receive ASUC money and services. Many thanks to all of the active voices in this campaign. A semi-conclusion about this matter will be published in tomorrow's Daily Cal. If for some reason the OSL continues to make sweeping decisions about student groups without first consulting the groups it claims to serve, the ASUC will be ready to fight again.

More as it comes in.


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