Monday, August 23, 2004

Some ASUC plugs for you to put in your pocket.

HEY LOOK! It's Rebecca C. Brown shamelessly plugging some ASUC events, followed by a brief justification for her shamelessness!

Friday, Aug 27-Tuesday, Aug 31. 10:00am-3:00pm. Upper Sproul.
Save money on books, and help your fellow students do the same.
Justification for plug:
What kind of person doesn't support students saving money? Seriously.

Want 10% off your next purchase at the ASUC bookstore (basement of MLK building)? Just walk by Ned's this Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday between 11:00am and 1:00pm and find an ASUC soldier to hand you a coupon. That's right, folks: guerrala marketing. Underhanded guerrala marketing.
Justification for plug:
Right now the bookstore is at $14 million per year, and as soon as it hits $16 million, the ASUC starts getting more money from eFollett. What's so cool about that? That money can go to publications and student groups, of course. Also, don't forget that Ned's is owned by Barnes and Noble. Also, on average, Ned's is over $2 more expensive per book. So there.

So has Rebecca gone soft since she joined the Office of the President staff? Will her blog deteriorate into an advertising vehicle for the ASUC? Has she become unwilling to criticize the ASUC due to her new-found loyalty to its president?

No times three. I can't actually say that I have any more loyalty than I ever did, nor will I plug stuff more than before, and for God's sake I will never go soft. I promise there will be plenty of times when the ASUC (including the Office of the President) is going to do something dumb and I'm going to complain about it.

As always, my behavior is completely self-serving. Why do I have this blog? So I can trick people into reading my words. Why did I run for ASUC office? To get my picture in the paper. Why did I join the ASUC staff? To help acheive goals that would ultimately benefit student groups and, more importantly, publications on campus. And because I just can't get enough team-building activities. Oh sweet mother do I love team-building.


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