Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Free speech is cool and all, but...

Today I was advised by an ASUC colleague to not say anything more about the multicultural center because it might be problematic to the people involved with the project if semi-unpublic information was made public. While I appreciate this person's dedication to sensitivity, this conversation was another indication to me that the members of the ASUC take themselves way too damn seriously, and in gerneral oppose being criticized in any way.

For example, as the coordinator of, one of my ideas was to develop an ASUC blog in which a variety of interested and talented non-ASUC students would discuss ASUC events and policies and offer their own critiques of our student government. In my proposition to the senate members, I explained that the writers would not be allowed to make personal attacks and would be encouraged to address policy, not parties or people. Unfortunately, though, more than a few senators didn't like the idea of a blog because, to paraphrase, they didn't like the idea of people saying negative things about the ASUC government without the senators being consulted first.

What the balls?

As another example of this weird attitude toward crticism, the senior staff of the Office of the President were discouraged from talking to people in the Daily Cal (or anyone who might know someone in the DC) about happenings in the ASUC lest our discussion be construed as something negative about the president.


I obviously see the need for elected figures to have their personal lives independed of the ASUC, and I can kinda get behind the idea that some senatorial and executive conversations should be kept temporarily private, but the general fear of critique, especially from senators, is confounding to me.

Never fear, though. After the dust settles on this semester, maybe a little after the 8th week, I'll spring the blog idea again. I encourage my readers to offer their opinions on the idea because, after all, I'm adult enough to handle criticism.


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