Friday, October 08, 2004

Catch Phrase for the New Millennium: "Where's the Sombrero?"

That old fart from the 1984 Wendy's commercial has nothing on me.

Anyhow, many congratulations to Heuristic Squelch Editor-in-Chief, 2003 ASUC senate candidate, and all around cool dude Matthew Arthur Loker on his very first Daily Californian column. You should read it. It's insightful. And it has nothing to do with Cal, Christianity, or cunnilingus, so I'm happy.

What's with the sombrero headline, then? Well, Matt originally wanted his column picture to be of him donning said headgear. Obviously one of two things happened: the DC wouldn't let him wear a silly hat in would should be a serious publication, or else he just couldn't get his hands on a big Mexican hat in time for the photo. My guess is the latter.

Instead, the picture features Matt in all his hippie-haired glory flashing the "shocker." For those of you unfamiliar with this guesture, think of it as the college man's (or women's, for that matter) gang sign. Bloods. Crips. Jolly good time.

Matt's column has inspired me to want my own weekly DC feature next semester. (You know that Rebecca C. Brown can't stand not getting maximum exposure.) All I need to think of is an angle. (Oh yeah, and an OGB membership. Or is it the other way around?) Maybe my column could be Sex on Tuesday meets The Economist. Front page story: "George W. Bush's foreign (object) policy and your clitoris: Is this a war we can win?"


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