Sunday, October 17, 2004

Thoughts on Jon Stewart’s Crossfire Appearance

I’m sure you’ve all seen Jon Stewart’s horrible smack-down of the Crossfire duo. I was left feeling a little disappointed. Although Stewart obviously has a good point in his head, one which, if properly expressed I would agree with, it was frustrating to watch him try and fail to explain it. He said that the reporters were too quick to jump on something a politician says while simultaneously letting them get away with everything. If you say it like that it really does sound contradictory as Tucker Carlson said. However, I think he was trying to say that opinion journalists are too eager to jump on misstatements (going too hard on them) and too permissive in letting candidates get away with big lies (too easy on them).

All this sounds pretty basic to you and me, and even though the audience understood Jon I sure wish we didn’t have to mind read him to get it. Anyhow, Jon Stewart is still the funniest thing on television and his show will rock for many years to come. If he wants to become an advocate for change in journalism however, he better study up… or hire a bunch of writers.


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